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Give your prospects a better view of your properties.

Thanks to the 3D modelling of your listings, you can go even further than just the virtual tour! This immersive solution allows your clients to get a clear idea of the surface and dimensions of the property you are presenting to them.



What is a 3D model ?


A 3D model is a 360 degree representation of your property. Your prospects will be able to appreciate the property piece by piece but also in its entirety.
They will be able to understand the space available in each room and the overall layout of the property.
Do you wish to build a 3D model for one of your properties? Our team is here to advise you.
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Discover all of Nodalview's solution

In addition to 3D modelling, our complete solution gives you access to 4 integrated tools to highlight your properties!

NV_Icons_PHOTO Photo Highlight your assets and attract prospects with professional-quality photos.
NV_Icons_360 Panoramas 360° Create 360° panoramas that will allow your clients to visit your properties virtually.
NV_Icons_VIDEO Video Promote your agency and your properties with promotional videos.
NV_Icons_LIVE Virtual guided tour Offer an immersive remote guided virtual visit to your prospects.